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Welcome To American Lawn Care & Irrigation

You just had a beautiful garden & lawn installed in the Vail Valley. Now, who is going to maintain it?

American Lawn Care & Irrigation is one of the only landscape and lawn care companies in the Vail Valley which solely focuses on maintaining & enhancing landscapes. We strive to keep your landscaping as beautiful as the day it was installed and this is achieved by paying attention to the little details so you don’t have to. We understand the importance of follow-up and maintaining customer relationships. That is why you will see the company owner on your property weekly.

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Landscape Maintenance
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American Lawn care & Irrigation provides Award Winning Service in the Vail Valley! We arrive everyday with the mindset to improve your landscape and make it look its best at all points during the season......
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The owners specialty is irrigation. All irrigation systems are so unique so to have Scott’s 20 years of expertise on your job site will save time & money!If you call the owner about a dry spot.....
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Annual Garden Bedding
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Each garden has its own personality and the presentation of the flowers should be unique. With over 20 years of experience, our team has the innate ability to see the personality and enhance it to make it the best garden....
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